Hey Facebooker, take a break from browsing your ex’s photos… it’s time for a Rome SDS – Ask the Rider – featuring Rusty Ockenden, right on Facebook!  You’ll be able to ask him questions and get answers in real time.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Check out Rome’s Fan Page, at www.facebook.com/romesnowboards.
  • Like our page.
  • At the designated time, we’ll post a comment that the interview is starting.
  • Comment your question on our post, and Rusty will comment you an answer as fast as he can type.

As always, we’ll be throwing in a bonus prize to one random question asker.  This time we’ll be handing out a 2012 Mod Rocker!

So get on a computer at the following time, check out the page, and ask away.

5-7 East Coast

4-6 Central

3-5 Mountain

2-4 Pacific


For more news and Rome SDS happenings keep an eye on www.romesnowboards.com, www.facebook.com/romesnowboards and www.twitter.com/romesds.