The first live Rome "Ask The Rider" interview on Twitter is in the bag.  For two hours on Wednesday, you asked and Bjorn Leines answered unfiltered and as fast as he could type. With a wide variety of topics, from his shred background to his personal life, you guys covered it all. Some of Bjorn's stand out questions were: 

1.     Q: How was it being friends and riding with Jeff Anderson? He left us way to soon.
A: Jeff will always be in my heart. He was a true original. Grew up with him and Billy in snowboarding. RIP

2.     Q: Who are your favorites on the Rome team to film and travel with?
A: LNP, he's his own man as well as Marius he can shred it all and is a Viking.

3.     Q: How do you feel about giving back community? What sort of ways do you use your power to help out?
A: I donate to a local church that has outreach programs for the needy as well as try to be a good role model for the kids that look up to shredders.

4.     Q: If you could only ride one snowboard for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
A:  Mod, It's the weapon. Insane flex and tons of pop.

5.     Q: What is your favorite place to ride in Canada?
A:  My favorite is Interior BC, sledding in Kooney Mtn range or sledding in Whistler. For resorts Kicking Horse is sick.

6.     Q: Oh were you in the most extreme primate?
A: Funny stuff, a monkey can snowboard so no excuse on going pro.

"The Twitter interview was a fun format because you had to answer everything in a real time scenario.  You end up typing the first thing that comes to mind instead of a planned out answer," said Bjorn.

Rome has selected the winner at random and the lucky person is Liam Robinson or "CHHHHH" and he'll be getting a new pair of 2010 Folsom Boots with SkateCuff technology.

Stay tuned to as well as for more updates on the happenings of the SDS, as well as the announcement of when and with whom the next "Ask the Rider" interview will be going down.