If you have any means of getting to southern Vermont on Saturday, August 25th, get your friends together and head to the backside of Magic Mountain in Londonderry for the world premiere of “Any Means. Plan to stay the night and celebrate the Summer of Shred.

The Rome SDS is throwing a little party called the Londonderry Pop Festival to celebrate the premiere of their first feature-length movie, Any Means—at a closed ski area called Timber Ridge. Once the night falls on the 25th, the movie will play and Bjorn, Jesse, Jonaven, LNP and the rest of the Rome team will light up the backcountry, the Tahoe Flophouse, Quebec handrails and the Vermont countryside on a large, outdoor movie screen.

The movie is definitely the main event, but the Londonderry Pop Festival is much more than a showing of progressive, fun riding on the big screen. There will be summertime snowboarding. There will be multiple live bands. There will be skating. There will be a large fire. There will be free stuff flying through the air. There will be camping out with the Rome team and other shreds.

During the afternoon before the movie shows, riders on the East Coast will have their first chance to shred for the season at the I “Heart Box session—kicking off at 4 pm. Like all I “Heart Box sessions, there will be a jam format on a few jib features and the winner will walk with a new Hustlin Artifact.

Some of Rome’s partners will be on hand. Waterville Valley is trucking over their mini-ramp from New Hampshire for the event. Skating will go down whenever someone wants to drop in. Snowboarder Magazine, a sponsor of Any Means, will be grilling up hot dogs, burgers and other choice cuts of animal flesh.

Admission is free, but you’ll need a ticket to get in. Free downloadable tickets are available on the Rome homepage—www.romesnowboards.com—in the Random section. Just download and print it.

So fill the car with the crew. Pack up the tent, sleeping bags, snowboard gear and skates. And head down Route 11 in Vermont to the Londonderry Pop Festival to see Any Means and have fun with a bunch of snowboarders.

For a day (and night) of film, shred, skate, and music.

Directions at www.romesnowboards.com, or email premiere@kidsonshred.com.