Finally, the time has come for all of us Rome employees to sit back and pretend we are the Sundance film critics of Snowboarding.  Drink cocktails, smoke cigars, and make extremely professional decisions between good shots, great editing, and fun times.  However, the truth is, this competition isn’t just about who can get the most tech trick, or impressive shot (though it does help), it comes down to how a video sparked the fire for the upcoming snow, and settled our overpowering shred cravings during the summer/fall months.

In the end, it was a great competition with a lot of talent, and left us stoked for the upcoming season.

The task of judging this competition wasn’t easy, and after watching every edit multiple times, taking notes, arguing over shots and editing abilities, our panel of judges finally narrowed it down to three finalists. So here are the winners of the 2011 Local GNAR contest for you viewing pleasure.

In third place, snagging two pairs of 390 Bindings and five pairs of gloves is Mike Miller from Coeur d’Alene, ID!

Second place goes to Nate Cordero! Winning two Rome Artifacts and two pairs of 390 Bindings!

Finally, walking away with $1000 cash, two Rome Artifact Rockers, and two pairs of 390 Boss Bindings! Andrew Schummer from Salt Lake City, UT!

Andrew and crew put out a Local Gnar video with great filming, editing, and riding.  With shots from the street mixed with backcountry flavor, (gnarly road gap,) and at least one solid pow line, the entire Rome SDS office was stoked to get on the hill.  They had excellent intros into each segment and kept the whole video to a quick edit with some banger tricks.  Truth is, all the finalists left us wishing for a sooner opening day but Andrew Shummer took the cake as the Local GNAR champion of 2011!

In addition to our three finalists, our winner for the most Facebook likes at 245 thumbs up is Scott Smith! Taking home three 2012 Rome Outwear kits!

Thank you to everyone who submitted edits that kept our collective addition alive over the summer months! Stay tuned for the next Local GNAR!