Rome SDS Announces Flophouse Winners

Heading into last year, the Rome SDS put together the Flophouse Contest to recognize those riders who move to a resort town, drop all responsibilities, and pack into shanty living conditions so they can ride with friends 180 days each year.

When crews get together with a pure focus on riding and load five people into a one bedroom apartment, things like a general feel of cleanliness are thrown out the window, and reprehensible actions like trying to dry your rank ass snowboard socks in the community toaster oven, become acceptable.  It's all done because really only one thing matters—shredding park or powder every day.  It doesn't matter where you sleep, it matters how much you get to ride.

This year's winners of the Flophouse Contest are the crew from Brotherly Love Productions out of the suburbs of Philly. They grew up riding Spring Mountain, but as recent high school graduates decided to spend this past winter five deep in a studio apartment in Summit County, Colorado, in order to shred Breck and Keystone.

Nate Cordero was definitely stoked to learn about their win: "We came out of that place with so many stories. We had to store our snowboards in the shower because we got fines if we had them on our deck from the home owners association.  The boot smell was probably one of the worst things about living in a place like that. We never got our $1200 security deposit back and had to pay an extra $1000 in damages.  Although it was rough living conditions, overall it was well worth it!"

Congrats to the Brotherly Love Productions crew, made up of Nate Cardero, Bryan Cordero, Andrew Yoder, Mike Anderson and Matt Hines who scored five spankin' new 2010 Rome snowboards for their upcoming season.  Hopefully it'll save them enough dough to spring for some of those deluxe self inflating air-mattresses and maybe a few air-fresheners for their next flophouse.  Be sure to check out some of the fruits of their labor at

Check out some of their Flophouse photos as well over at

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