Rome SDS and Bluebird Premiere in San Diego

"Under the Influence"
A Shred Carpet Affair
6 days and counting

Featuring make-me-want-to-shred raw snowboarding, free beer, NO VIP shit, and no corporate sponsors, Bluebird and Rome SDS are gearing up to welcome anyone and everyone to Under the Influence, the world premiere of The Bluebird Movie and No Correct Way. Screw the red carpet, this is stacking up to be a nice, dirty shred carpet affair.

The top riders from each movie will be in the crowd to watch their life from this past winter projected onto the big screen for the first time. Heavies from Bjorn Leines, Marius Otterstad, and LNP from No Correct Way as well as Travis Rice, Chad Otterstrom and Kyle Clancy from The Bluebird Movie will be on hand, as well as many other riders from each film.

So jump a train, stick out your thumb, or pile in with the crew and come down to Modus in San Diego to check out this once in a lifetime event of two like-minded brands showing you what snowboarding is to them. If you're stuck somewhere else on the globe, don't worry. You can watch all the festivities unfold live at There will be interviews with riders, directors, photographers and magazine editors, as well as some clips from each movie as it premieres for the first time.

Stay tuned to for more updates on this event as well as other team, product and general Rome SDS updates.

Modus Bar and Lounge

2202 4th Avenue, San Diego CA 92101

Doors open at 8pm