The Rome SDS is excited to announce the 5th installment of The Local GNAR contest.  The Local GNAR is a video contest for locals that celebrates the best part of snowboarding-hanging with your friends, shredding snowboards, and capturing it on film.

Most crews are already out there filming the early snow, so this is your chance to start stockpiling footage to share your video with the world.  We’re not looking for the first quad-cork, or heli-cammed back 7’s off of Valdez spines, (of course if have those shots, put ’em in), we’re just looking for crews that are out having a good time putting a fun video together.

All you need to do is make a short edit (less than 5 minutes) of your crew out snowboarding.  The judging is based on a few things.  The quality of editing, the effort put into the video, and the tricks play an important factor, but the winning video has always been the one that made us all want to go out and snowboard the most.

Get your friends, grab your camera, hide yo wife, hide yo kids and get out there and start filming.

  • First Place this year will take home $1,000 cash, 2 Rome Artifact Rocker snowboards, 2 pairs of 390 Boss bindings
  • Second Place will be grabbing 2 Rome Artifacts, 2 pairs of 390 bindings and
  • Third place will be walking away with 2 pairs of 390 bindings and 5 pairs of gloves

Keep your edit to 5 minutes or less, and make sure that you’re entries are in by May 15th, which is the deadline. Also make sure all videos are in Quicktime format. For any other questions shoot an email over to ridercouncil@romesnowboards.com

For more news and Rome SDS happenings keep an eye on www.romesnowboards.com, www.facebook.com/romesnowboards and www.twitter.com/romesds.