It pretty much goes without saying that last season may not have set records in terms of snowfall, but if you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook over the past couple months, you’ll have seen some edits that prove if you really want to get after it, it’s always out there.  Everyone who entered the Local GNAR this year really busted their asses to make these edits happen.

We take a look at a few factors when picking the winning edits like tricks, effort put in, filming quality, and overall crew vibe. As always, one of the biggest factors is which edit makes us want to call in sick and go to shred. After some debate, and some beers, the judges here at The SDS were able to hash it out and we're proud to announce the winners of the 6th annual Local GNAR contest.

We let you, the people, utilize the power of the internet thumbs up button and choose the People's Choice winner to win two brand new 2013 Hammerhead snowboards. As of 3pm EST today, the winner with over 300 Likes is Brandon Schmidt and crew out of New Jersey.

In third place walking away with two pairs of 390 bindings and five pairs of gloves is the Wasted Youth crew out of British Columbia. These guys look like they know how to have a good time and shred some serious powder in the process.

In second place scoring two 2013 Hammerhead snowboards and two pairs of 390 bindings is Scott Smith and crew. These guys really went to lengths to make this edit happen, including using a skateboard as an impromptu run-in to a street rail.

Finally, we're super stoked to announce the first place winners of a thousand bucks cash, two 2013 Hammerhead snowboards, and two pairs of 390 Boss bindings are the Ugly Kidz & Company crew out of Colorado. These guys ended up buying an RV and traveling around the country in true GNAR fashion looking for snow and good times. We hope the cash will help pay off that rig!



Keep an eye out for the announcement of the 7th annual Local GNAR contest for 2013, it's never too early to start thinking about your entry.