"Team Terror", also known as the Rome SDS Team Session at Windells with riders Bjorn Leines, Marius Otterstad, Johnnie Paxon, Eiki Helgason and Stale Sandbech, got into full swing at Mt Hood this past weekend. By Friday, the campers had arrived, the features where dialed in, and the fun was ready to start.

The first day on hill for all of the campers with the Rome team was a picturesque summer day at Mount Hood. Bright blue bird skies, soft, slushy snow; campers, coaches and Team Terror were all super stoked to be spending some time in the Windells park.

The team spent much of the day hiking the pipe with the campers. It was a solid session, punctuated by Bjorn boosting into the Mount Hood summer skyline. Campers and coaches that usually hang out and eat lunch at some nearby picnic tables formed a crowd below the pipe, wide-eyed at the Rome riders annihilating the warm weather u-ditch.

Back at the Windell's campus, the team hit the basketball court and put on a game of Knockout for the kids. Marius was knocked out early, blaming his performance on the lack of basketball in Europe, obviously unaware of Dirk Nowitzki, a bunch of Spanish guys, and this guy. However, Marius will be getting a chance to redeem himself; he's challenging the campers to play some soccer tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Standout Knockout player was six-year-old Evan Langston, who was draining shots granny-style and came in second place, earning him a Team Terror t-shirt.

Day 3 on hill was just as perfect as the previous day. The feature of the day ended up being the Airbag jump. By far the easiest way to learn tricks is to hit a jump at full speed on snow and chuck into a giant air bag where the chances of getting hurt are slim to none. Bjorn, Eiki and the rest of the crew spent the day doing double corks in every direction into the airbag. So that's three days down and five to go in the session of the summer at Windell's.

Stay tuned over the next few days to www.romesnowboards.com and www.twitter.com/romesds for more updates from Team Terror and other happenings of the SDS.