March 31st, 2010 ~ Rome Communique ~

This past weekend, the un-contest known as “Stoken” went down across North America, at Sierra Tahoe, CA, Gunstock, NH, Holiday Valley, NY, and Nubs Nob, in MI.

While the features and the weather varied from location to location, there was one constant throughout the events. STOKE. As the season winds down getting together with good friends, sessioning some fun-for-all features and eating some free hot dogs is about the funnest thing you can do.


At Gunstock the weather was warm and the park was a blast. After hanging out and bonking a 4 barrel, dance floor box, spine-like set-up, it was on to the hip hit, where tweaky methods were stock. A couple in-house Rome guys made the trip from Waterbury as well, since Gunstock was the place where two of them took their first turns around 15 years ago.

Holiday Valley's 750' of vert may not have been the safest snow, but a bit of sunshine shred and PBR fuel had the crew dropping hammers none the less. Hardway cab 450's and BIG 270 disasters to some gnarly kink rails proved the mentality was along the lines of "seasons almost over, means I'll have 3 months to heal up…"


The vibe at Sierra Tahoe was super laid back, and more of a party with friends on snow than a contest… like Stoken should be. With barrel to bonk, one hits in the pipe and tree's to Chuck Norris, the day couldn't have been more fun. The slow spin to win in the one-hit was also a blast. Slow spin means if it's a 10, you better have just jumped out of a plane. Blue bird skies and a free BBQ never hurts either.

If you're in the Nubs Nob area, and are bummed out you didn't make it over, watch this video of the good times done by Jake Breed, it should feel a bit like salt in that "shoulda gone" wound. Rich Whinnie and Mike Forester made sure to wear a suit, all business. Word on the street is, after watching the slash contest, the Olympic committee is in heavy discussions of bringing that event to the 2014 games. Look for it.

Huge thanks to the park crews and mountains that had us. For more photos, and to see the winners lists check out

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