Rome Launches The Binding Technologies Division

As the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate unveils its fourth product line later this month amid the debauchery of Vegas, something new is bolting onto the Design House collection.

The Binding Technologies Division.

For 2005-06, Rome is introducing two models: the Targa and the 390. Both models serve up a seamless connection to snowboarding--a connection to methods, front boards, face shots, bs 7s, lay-backs, butters, clean carves, and all the hedonism of dragging knuckles.

An enhanced connection to fun.

Through unique Geometric shaping and custom technologies in the straps, heel hoop and highback, the SDS bindings deliver 100-Day Output: direct power, subtle terrain feel, plush comfort, and a ton of rider-specific customization. As with everything out of SDS, the Targa and the 390 are custom designs created from the bottom up at Rome. From baseplate to heel hoop to highbacks to straps, every feature was brainstormed, designed, tested and refined by Rome and riders involved in the Syndicate.

And the ideas and experimentation that have informed this development process have been evolving for over ten years. The people at the center of Rome spent a good part of the second half of the 1990s designing, prototyping and testing bindings--from the perspective of 100-day riders. When the time was right to launch the Binding Technologies Division at Rome, they drew on this experience as a starting point and evolved their ideas from there.

For those riders who have been waiting for the Rome binding, dealers and shop kids will get to test them out this winter at demos, and they will land in stores in September 2005.

If you are heading to Vegas, ISPO, or SBJ, stop by the booth, have a refreshment, and check them out.

Email if you have any questions.

Rome SDS