Rome Launches New Graphics

Mammoth opened a little over a week ago with 5 feet of pow, K5 held a rail jam in its parking lot, resorts all around Tahoe are running lifts, Utah is getting pounded, and riders all over the country are shoveling ice rink ice to ride rails. In a couple weeks, the season will be on everywhere.

To usher in the new riding year, the Rome SDS has built a small quantity of different models with a limited edition graphic.Evolving away from the black tradition of the first two LEs, the 2005 edition features a soft-touch white tail, a gloss off-white nose, and a large Kelly green Break logo in between the feet. Go to to check it out.

The SDS is making the LE for a wide variety of riders, with different tastes in flex and performance. In 2005, the LE comes eleven different lengths across four different models. If you are an Anthem or Solution rider who rides everything, the LE comes in 154, 156, 158 and 161 in the Anthem, and 154 and 159 in the Solution. If you like a little more butter in the flex for kickers in and out of the backcountry (and still be able to shred a turn), the Agent LE comes in 152, 155, and 158. And if you spend most of your time riding hand-rails and running laps in the park, the Artifact LE comes in 153 and 156.

The 2005 LE will be available for a short time to special order from Rome dealers throughout North America and Japan. Check the Shop page on the website at to find the closest dealer to you.