Rome Communique: Lumbergh Got A Pro Model?

Rumors have been buzzing about team news at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate for the last few weeks. Most significantly, industry insiders are hearing that the SDS has recently launched the company’s first pro model—The Lumbergh.

This is rumored to be an obvious move with all the talk about Billy Lumbergh’s insanely radical and phat riding over the last couple of years. “My friend saw Lumbergh stompin’ some crazy stuff in the Kentucky trampoline backcountry, said Michael Douglas, former editor of X, The Magazine. Others have reportedly seen him landing the first frontside 7 indy grab over Tad’s Gap—a famous spot in the sandboarding backcountry in the panhandle of Florida. People are also saying that he has an ill part in the Friends section of Hell Yeah Productions’ yet-to-be released, “Maniacal Shred Pirates on the Loose, and a two-page interview in X, The Magazine.

Since Lumbergh won the US Open Trampshredding Championships in March, Rome had no choice but to give Lumbergh a pro-model. Anyone who wins that contest gets a Rome pro model automatically.

Timmy Cakes, producer and owner of Hell Yeah Productions, had this to say about Lumbergh: “I heard his Chicken Salad to boardslide, 270 out on the Bridge Rail in Mammoth is the next level for style and trick combination.

As for the tech story behind Lumbergh Pro Model, here’s what we’re hearing from Lumbergh’s friends. “He couldn’t figure out if he wanted to ride a Rome Agent or a Rome Artifact, so his bros in the Design House made him a couple decks that have the true-twin shape of the Artifact, but all the core, laminate and base tech of the Agent, says close friend Chip Boomer. “And he needs a 153 for tramp and a 156 for sand, so it comes in both lengths.

According to someone vaguely associated with Rome, a very limited number of Lumberghs are available and the company may fire Lumbergh next summer and cancel the pro model if he doesn’t win the US Open Trampshredding Championships again.

Rumor has it that the Lumbergh shreds snow even better than it shreds tramp and sand. And even more rumors have it that a few Lumberghs are on the walls of some snowboard shops.

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