Rome College Cover Up Poster Giveaway





When heading back to the dorms, personalizing your sterile living-box is key and posters are a must.  It's important not to rush the process because you're going to be there for like nine months.  Take a minute to think.  Do you want to have these three things staring at you?

1.    Belushi in Animal House wearing a COLLEGE sweatshirt.
2.    Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out
3.    A stupid "retro" poster about beer helping ugly people get laid

Even if your answer was an astounding yes to all three of the examples given, you still probably want a couple Rome SDS posters for your place to remind you that snow is only a couple months away.  Even if it's just to cover up the hole that your neighbor down the hall made punching in your closet door, when he was kind of weepy drunk the other night, and his girlfriend 1,500 miles away decided it wasn't working out.  That was really awkward and now you need a dope poster to cover up the hole.

Anyways.  The first 100 college addresses emailed to will get a couple Rome posters in the mail to kick off the semester. Make sure they're full mailing address or the poster probably won't show up.

Stay tuned to and for more updates and other happenings of the SDS.