Swiss pro snowboarder Romain De Marchi launches QWST street wear clothing to create a unique urban look within the snowboard scene.

QWST is the vision of a global collective of friends, artists and designers who like to do their own thing. As co-owner of QWST, Romain aims to create street wear with a strong story in style and quality.

With each product QWST builds in a ‘hidden world’ of design features with a focus on graphics. Working directly with designers, Romain develops his own Q-RDM range within the QWST Fall/Winter 05 collection. Led by the iconic leather jacket, shirts, jeans and thermal tee’s Q-RDM adds to QWST’s jackets, jeans, shirts, tee’s, and hoodies. With belts & head-gear, accessories also include bags designed for specific needs, such as the ‘BIG MAC’ backpack made for graphic designers.

“I joined QWST because I needed to find a treasure and go on a new adventure which I co-create with my friends,” states Romain.

QWST will be available in August 2005 in selected stores across Europe.
“We make clothing for our friends”

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