RIP Lars Eriksen

Lars Eriksen was a man on a mission, he wanted to create the best snowboard parks and features for snowboarders all over the world. He has helped define the standards of what snowboard parks and jumps all over the world are today, through his passion and work within the snowboard industry and resorts.

Lars was the shaper who built all the epic and perfect big jumps during the famous Burton/Absinthe/Standard movie spring sessions at Hemsedal, Norway. He made the features that made movies like, Robotfood, Vivid and many more so fun to watch. His park building progression helped snowboarding progress to the level it is today. Recently Eriksen has been building parks and progressive features for Nike, TTR, Burton European Open, The Arctic Challenge and many more. Lars was so passionate about building great parks for snowboarders of all skill level, he wrote a manual about it and traveled the world teaching others how to make the best snowboard parks. He wanted to spread his passion for snowboarding in anyway he could.

He was a great activist and teacher for the sport of snowboarding. We (the snowboard world) owe Lars Eriksen a great deal for how good snowboard parks are built all over the world. He inspired a lot of the great snowboarders today, Mikkel Bang, Mads and JP Solberg and the rest of snowboard Norway is going to miss a great friend and snowboard activist.

Lars was admit about keeping true to the core values of snowboarding: friendship, being outside and always being creative.