Words: Anders Neuman

The Riksgränsen Banked Slalom became an instant classic after its first year. In 2013 we had 60 dedicated snowboarders competing in what some would define as “The Art of Turning.” No jumps, no spins, no rails, just you and your board, and the ability to carve and keep speed through a course with 22 banked curves. Year two, 2014, held 151 competitors from seven nations with an age span from nine to 57. Year three it was 220. Year four it was 250! Over the last years we’ve seen an evolution of new boards dedicated to turning and more clips of “carve tricks” emerging in social media feeds. The Riksgränsen Banked Slalom is a part of that movement.

Rider: Ingermar Backman / Photo: Daniel Bernstål

Our ambition with the Riksgränsen Banked Slalom is to celebrate and enjoy snowboarding in its purest form. We do it where several chapters of snowboarding’s most prominent history has been written. Even though everyone competes against each other, the screams of stoke and warm smiles fill the air around the competition. There are no sour faces or bad mouthing, just a collective high that fuels the event. The course is located under the main chair lift, which gives you a great view over all the turns. In addition to the competition, we present a retrospective photo exhibition about Riksgränsen and its snowboarding history. We bring generations of snowboarders together in a unique way. For some its their first time back since they were kids in the 90’s, others bring their kids to experience the light and the atmosphere with them. Most of us see this as something that speaks to the souls of snowboarders. The Riksgränsen Banked Slalom is a melting pot for Scandinavian snowboarding where we create new visions and resurrect old legends.


Rider: Sven Thorgren / Photo: Daniel Bernstål

The winners / Photo: Daniel Bernstål

We move forward into our fifth year with the goal to make our guests’ visits better, while growing the event with care and making sure that the stoke’o meter for snowboarding is at the top.

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