Rider’s Poll Gala Rocks Las Vegas TransWorld party honored top athletes.

It was the place to be and be seen if you were part of the snowboard industry. And for winners such as Shaun Palmer, Peter Line, and Barrett Christy, they were seen

thanking the other riders and even breakdancing (in Line’s case) for being picked as tops in their fields by their peers.

In an over-the-top gala event that was more Academy Awards than hang-out-and-watch-cool bands, TransWorld hosted the Rider’s Poll Awards party at The Joint in The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The event honored the top snowboarders in ten different categories, and winners were chosen by the votes of the other riders, with the exception of on Overall Best Rider as chosen by the magazine readers.

Sal Masekela and TransWorld Editor Dave Sypniewski MC’ed the evening that featured the swing band The Toledo Show, show girls dancing between presentations, and guest presenters such as Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Chuck Barfoot, and former Reader Poll winner Damien Sanders.

With a packed house full of snowboard industry people and pros, the event had many surprised with high quality and no real glitches.

The winners:

Best Racer, presented by Tom Sims.
Winners: Mark Fawcett and Betsy Shaw. “I’ve been trying to get a picture in TransWorld Snowboarding for ten years now, so I put on a dress and thought this might be my lucky night to get that photo,” said Shaw.

Best Boardercrosser, presented by Russell Winfield and Circe Wallace.
Winners: Leslee Olson and Shaun Palmer. “I’m a tough guy, but I’m nervous up here right now,” said Palmer. “I’d like to thank Tom Sims and Chris Sanders, and I’d like to thank myself.”

Best Big Mountain Rider, presented by Damien, Chris, and Bev Sanders.
Winners: Karleen Jeffries and Johan Olaffson. “I like to thank my friends for teaching me how to snowboard,” said Jeffries.

Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality, presented by Shawn Kari White.
Winners: Dave Downing and Shannon Dunn. Dunn walked out with a blow up doll because Downing wasn’t around, and said with a big smile on her face: “Thanks you fucking shitheads.” The crowd roared.

Best Freestyle Riders, presented by Mike Olson and Pete Saari.
Winners: Peter Line and Tara Dakidas. “I got kicked out of our own party last night for trying to breakdance, so I’m going to finish what I started last night,” said Line, who proceeded to break on the stage.

Best Pipe Rider, presented by Mike and Tina Basich.
Winners: Nicola Thost and Terje Haakonson.

Biggest Cajones, presented by Chuck Barfoot.
Winners: Morgan LaFonte and Mike Michaelchuck.

Readers Choice For Best Overall Rider, presented by Jake Burton Carpenter.
Winners Barrett Christy and Peter Line. “So this is snowboarding in 1999,” said Christy. “Thanks to all the readers who couldn’t get in to this event.”

Best Rider Segment in a Video, presented by Shannon Dunn and Victoria Jealouse.
Winners: Peter Line.

Best Overall Video Of 1998, presented by Andy Hetzel and Matty Goodman.
Winner:Decade by Mack Dawg.