Riders Confirmed For The Oakley Arctic Challenge


First ten riders confirmed for The Oakley Arctic Challenge The snowboard community is bringing the fireworks to Oslo on New Years. Changing dates is always a thriller, but it seems the New Years plan is a killer for The Oakley Arctic Challenge (TAC).

Check out the riders list, part one: Andreas Ygre Wiig, Torstein Horgmo, Mikkel Bang, Eero Ettala, Antti Autti, Petu Pieroinen, Charles Reid, Sebastiant Toutant, Jake Blauvelt and Chas Guldemond. Further 14 established über-pros are to be announced on the TAC web site as the weeks and months pass by.

And; further 16 spots are open for up and coming riders with a distinct desire to spend the most vital years of their lives in airports, hotels and rental cars. As previously announced, TAC is offering double rooms for the top 24 invited riders.

If opening a bottle of champagne with a friend in Oslo sounds tempting to you, this is the New Years concept to join. If you're French, and don't like the idea of a Norwegian Smorgaasbord, bring your baguette of tricks!

For more information please contact Henning Andersen at henn-a3@online.no, ph. +47 9069 5119