Vail, Colorado — February 3rd, 2008: While the tour keeps rockin’ in Europe, there’s still plenty of action taking place overseas in the United States. On February 8th and 9th 2008, an all-star list of progressive freestyle riders, including Top TTR riders Chas Guldemond (USA) and Torstein Horgmo (NOR), will gather in Colorado, USA for the Slopestyle Swatch TTR FIVE(5)STAR Honda Session at Vail.  On top of 850 TTR ranking points for the winner, the session also boasts in incredible $134 000 overall prize purse, with $90 000 going to the Slopestyle stomp-fest, and $44 000 to the rail throw-down.

The competition varies greatly from most events on the Tour that usually give a set number of runs for riders to stomp a sick line of epic tricks. Instead, the FIVE(5)STAR event opts for a more relaxed and rider friendly atmosphere that consists of “riders sessions allowing each competitor in the main slopestyle event 1 ½ hours to complete as many runs as they see fit. This gives riders the best opportunity to showcase their most formidable tricks.

Although both men and women are competing in Vail, only the men will be competing for TTR Ranking points, with the Vail Session acting as a crucial catch up before the upcoming legendary SIX(6)STAR Arctic Challenge next week. At the Honda Session however, a three-way battle for Swatch TTR World No. 5 will arise between current No. 5 Chas Guldemond, current World No. 6 Torstein Horgmo and Scotty Lago (USA), who sits back at No. 12, but can boost his position by adding his sixth TTR result in Vail. The battle will be close, as Guldemond needs to place just one spot ahead of Horgmo to keep his current position. Lago will have to win the session and hope Guldemond and Horgmo place 8th or lower so he can move into the TTR Top 5.

At the 2006 Honda Session, the first ever in-competition 1260 was stomped. Recently at the SIX(6)STAR Burton European Open, Chas Guldemond finished second busting out a huge 1260, so be sure to watch out for Chas in Vail as he pulls out all the stops. Scotty Lago however, will be looking to carry his momentum from his second place finish at this past weekend’s FIVE(5)STAR Billabong Air & Style. With such explosive riding ready to hit Colorado, the 2008 Honda Session is set to be one of the biggest FIVE(5)STAR stops on the TTR World Snowboard Tour.

Further down in the rankings, American riders Tim Humphreys and Louie Vito will both be looking for a place in the Top 10 as Jeremy Thompson (USA) and Wyatt Caldwell (USA) fight for a spot in the TTR Top 15. European riders however still have a strong presence in a heavily North American field of riders with Austrian rider Werner Stock able to move into the Top 30 with a podium finish and German rider Alessandro Boyens who could also move into the TTR Top 30 with a Top 2 finish.

Stay tuned to for updated news, blogs, and in-your-face action from the world’s best snowboard events, only on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. 

Rider List Men:

Alessandro Boyens                  GER         Oxbow

Andrew Steward                  USA         Oakley

Andreas Wiig                           NOR         VANS

Brandon Reis                           USA         Oakley

Brent Meyers                           USA         BTM

Bryan Daino                           USA         NFC

Chad Otterstrom                  USA         Bonfire

Charles Reid                           CAN         Burton

Chas Guldemond                  USA         DC

Dan Brisse                           USA         Capita

Daniel  Ek                           NOR         Forum

Dustin Craven                           CAN         Oakley

Eero  Niemela                           FIN         K2

Eirà­kur Helgason                  ICE         Rome

Heikki Sorsa                           FIN         Burton

Iikka   Backstrom                  FIN         GNU

Jeremy Thompson                  USA         Flow

Jin Saiito                           JPN         Signal

JJ Thomas                           USA

Jonas Michilot                           USA         Vans

Jonas   Carlson                  SWE         DC

Josh Sherman                           USA         Salomon

Juuso Laivisto                           FIN         Ride

Keegan Valaika                  USA

Kiichiro Kazumi                  JPN         Voelkl

Lonnie Kauck                           USA         DC

Louie Vito                           USA         O-Matic

Lucas Magoon                           USA

Mark Sollors                           CAN

Marko Grilc                           SLO         Burton

Mason Aguirre                  USA         Burton

Mike Casanova                  USA

Pat Milbery                           USA         Forecast

Sam Hulbert                           USA         Oakley

Sani Alababic                           AUS

Scot Brown                           CAN         Flow

Scotty Arnold                           USA

Scotty Lago                           USA         Flow

Silas Stannard                  USA         Rossignol

Stephen Laterre                  USA         K2

Tim Humphreys                  USA         Flow

TJ Schneider                           CAN         Capita

Torstein Horgmo                  NOR         DC

Werni Stock                           AUS         Salomon

Wyatt Caldwell USA Rossign