Ride.com: Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.


Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Now more than ever resorts are catering to snowboarders. The proliferation of terrain parks and pipes is the most obvious sign, but even their Web sites are changing. They've finally realized that we're not as interested in the rustic lodging, spa treatments, and gourmet dining that our parents' generation is shelling out for. We want to log on and find out whether the pipe is groomed, how much it snowed, what events are happening (where the party's at), and even which pros you can expect to see busting out on-hill.

Copper Freeride Network at coppercolorado.com regularly updates its freestyle offerings, team profiles, and includes an interactive park flow. There's even a link just for groms. Mountaincreek.com lets you click over to Core Culture for shred news and park and pipe updates. Ridevail.com features an interactive tour through the park and a freeride photo gallery with shots of local pros like Chad Otterstrom. Bearmtn.com goes as far as posting new film clips every week in addition to the freeride updates and current events. Whistler locals post updates on the park and pipe at ridetribe.com, Park City has complete event listings and All-Star bios on pcride.com, and Snowbird guides you through its park at ridethebird.com. Ridejacksonhole.com has a ton of local flavor right down to the popular “Check my line–I'm ripping” photos.

Many of these resort sites also have locals forums so you might actually find a nice rustic condo to stay in after all … on some local's couch anyway. Log on and get in the loop (while you're there, visit us at transworldsnowboarding.com for the final word).A.F.