Ride Snowboards Site is Live!

Ride’s 05/06 website is now live and ready for your viewing pleasure. Go to www.RideSnowboards.com to set your eyes on the most exciting board, boot, binding and soft goods offering to date, including Ride’s newest additions, Cappel and DFC. That’s right … for those of you who are familiar with the name, Cappel is back as an all-new series of Ride Outerwear and it’s better than ever before. It even includes styles for women for the first time that no girl in her right mind will want to live without. As far as DFC goes, you’ll just have to log on to see for yourself what that’s all about. And believe us … you will want to see!

From the 05/06 Pro Team line-up with loads of photos and video, to the new Culture section of the site, which includes continual Event updates, all the info you’ll need to know about this year’s Snowboard Art IV contest, and the latest Ads and Press Coverage found “In Print,” the Ride site has got it all! It’s also the one and only place to get this year’s 05/06 Ride, DFC & Cappel Catalogs – download yours now! It’s instant gratification from the comfort of your own home … or wherever you are. Yet another exciting year is starting now … go to the website to see what’s about to be in store for you.