Photos: Adam Hawes

Joe Mango, Mid-Supercat. All Photos: Adam Hawes

March 13th 2010 – Summit At Snoqualmie, WA

The inaugural USA edition of the Ride Shakedown has come to an end, with a homeblooded Canadian ruling over the night. Battling almost every element known to mankind, 16 men and 5 women sent themselves down the iconic Shakedown set-up, calling out two judged runs during the 90-minute jam. When the fog cleared, Quebecois Matts Kulisek finally took home the win he’s so narrowly missed out on in year’s past, retaining the Shakedown title for Canada and pocketing $12,000 US. For the women, Washington native Megan Ginter earned her way to the top of the podium, followed by 2009 Shakedown Winner Hana Beaman in 2nd and Megan Whiteside landing in 3rd.

A Freshly Bearded Yale Cousino, Back 12. P: Adam Hawes

A Freshly Bearded Yale Cousino, Back 12.

Over the past few years, the Ride Shakedown has annually produced some of the most progressive jump and rail riding of the season. In 2009 for example, as double-corks were just beginning to emerge in the scene, it took a Back 1080 Double to just barely win the title for Seb Toots, with Charles Reid’s Front Double 12 right behind. A combination of uncooperative weather and heavy snow conditions delivered a more challenging course for the riders at the US event, who began to pull back and focus on style and landing in lieu of double flips and monster spins. A few didn’t seem to get the message though, with the likes of Yale Cousino just missing the podium by sliding out on his Back 12s, and Joe Mango harking back to the Northern border with multiple Supercats.

One of the most interesting stories from this past weekend was the overnight rise of Chilean Manuel Diaz. An uninvited Am rider, some of his runs in qualifying – had he been able to stick them clean in the finals – could have won the Shakedown Finals on their own. The crowd responded when Manuel lifted his 2nd Place trophy board , embracing the true parity of this snowboarder’s event. Sharing the men’s podium was E-Man Anderson, coming in 3rd.

L-R: Manuel Diaz, Hana Beaman, Matts Kulisek, Megan Ginter, Megan Whiteside, E-Man

L-R: Manuel Diaz, Hana Beaman, Matts Kulisek, Megan Ginter, Megan Whiteside, E-Man

The 2010 Ride Shakedown series will continue April 2-3, heading home to Mont Saint-Sauveur, QC. The trademark Canadian event of the season, the Quebec version never disappoints. For more, head to

2010 Ride Shakedown Finals


1: Matts Kulisek
2: Manuel Diaz
3: E-Man Anderson


1: Megan Ginter
2: Hana Beaman
3: Megan Whiteside