Eero Niemala Wins the Ninth Annual Dirksen Derby: Full Results

It was a perfect storm. Mount Bachelor picked up 72 inches of snow in seven days, most of it right in the heart of the ninth annual Dirksen Derby. The annual charity gathering brought riders from all walks of snowboarding and all parts of the globe. More than a simple banked slalom race, the event has grown to include a video, photo and art fest, and a board auction aside from the normal late night revelry—all of which pooled well over 30,000 dollars for charity and Tyler Eklund, a snowboarder from Bend, Oregon who was paralyzed from the neck down after crashing on April 1, 2007, while practicing for the USASA National Championships at Northstar California Resort.

The off-hill activities, easy going vibe and group party laps have made the Derby a notorious early season event, and this year's heavy wallop of snow turned the level up to 11. Even though the raging storm knocked electricity out during the finals on Sunday, things went on with backup diesel generators powering the mountain. The tight trenches of the dual banked courses saw groms, legends, and adaptive athletes rail its berms through heavy winds and fresh snow.

Although people were timed and awards were passed out, there's no measure for the level of stoke this event creates for the local community and snowboarding at large.

Results And Times

Men’s Elite

  1. Eero Neimela 1:04.19
  2. Harry Kearney 1:04.21
  3. Austen Sweetin 1:05.17

Women’s Elite

  1. Colleen Quigley 1:11.05
  2. Yoko Nakamura 1:11.59
  3. Maria Debari 1:11.76


  1. Martin Ciszek 1:06.37
  2. Logan Beaulieu 1:06.55
  3. Chris Luzier 1:07.55


  1. Devyn Schnake 1:12.29
  2. Tracy Faux 1:13.01
  3. Isabella Gomez 1:13.98


  1. Ami Vouitlainen 1:07.47
  2. Adam Smith 1:08.47
  3. Peter Butch 1:08.57


  1. Julie Brown 1:18.62
  2. Priscilla Stultz 1:20.89
  3. Katie Boone 1:25.48

Older and Wiser

  1. Bob Stanislaus 1:16.45
  2. Matt Gadow 1:17.22
  3. Clint Chappell 1:18.49


  1. Mac Malkoski 1:16.44
  2. Cannon Cummins 1:16.75
  3. Asher Clarke 1:19.57


  1. Hiromi Tatumi 1:26.54
  2. Ravi Drugan 1:30.87
  3. Gabe Rousseau 3:08.21

Women's Splitboard

  1. Maria Debari 9:46
  2. Amanda Hankison 10:55
  3. Marissa Krawczak 12:11

Men's Splitboard

  1. Reid Persing 7:38
  2. Ryland Bell and Adam Haynes 8:30
  3. Forrest Shearer 8:31