Founded by Travis Parker and friends, Resourceful Gnome Productions has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming “Respect Your Elders”. Featuring many of the Robot Food legends, Airblaster kids and a great overall list of young talent, it’s safe to assume this movie’s going to get you hyped to go out and rider anything with your friends. Here’s a clip of Travis Parker and Jesse Grandkoski dorking around Mount Bachelor after the Dirksen Derby, warming up those old legs to run with the young’ns.

Respect Your Elders Riders / Friends:
Travis Parker
Brandon Cocard
Ben Lynch
Josh Dirksen
Jed Anderson
Nick Dirks
Austin Hironaka
Temple Cummins
Aaron Robinson
Jonas Michilot
Tim Eddy
Eric Messier
Shaun McKay
Skylar Thorton
Pat McCarthy
and more…