Remind Insoles debuts the Remedy, a high performance footbed developed with the most progressive snowboarders and skaters in the world. The skaters, snowboarders and bio-mechanical engineers at Remind put their heads together to create the Remedy, a self-forming, prefabricated orthotic insole, designed to prolong fellow snowboarder and skater's health and longevity. Built in the USA, Remind's Remedy is bio-mechanically engineered for precise anatomical foot alignment.




"We've watched the lifespan of action sports athletes' decrease as the speed of progression and intensity of snowboarding and skateboarding has increased over the last decade," says John Makens, President of Remind Insoles. "By pairing our knowledge of snowboarding and skating movement and extensive team testing with a bio-mechanical engineer's knowledge of anatomy, we have designed Remind's new line to extend the longevity and health of athletes and enthusiasts in action sports."




The foot is the first link to enhanced strength, endurance, balance, and stability throughout the body. This makes feet the key to unlocking correct posture, stacking of bones and joints. Remind's Remedy features a semi-rigid insert that flexes with foot mechanics supporting the arch without losing integrity. An anti-microbial, anti-friction system reduces hot spots keeping feet cool, dry and odorless, while enhancing foot grip for enhanced control and stability.




The cause of many wear and tear injuries is rooted in foot alignment. Once testing out the Remedy, top snow athletes don't head out without it. Remind's team including iconic snowboarders Travis Rice, who introduces his promodel Remind Remedy this spring, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter and Kevin Jones along with up-and-comer Blake Paul and many others have spent the whole winter providing feedback on the Remedy to create what comes to market this month.




Thermo-Molding Duel Foam System: Extremely durable anti-microbial foam, engineered for proper density, rebound and shock absorption, provides superb cushioning, even pressure point distribution and molds to specific foot details




Semi-Rigid-Flex Arch Support: Semi-rigid insert calculated to flex perfectly with the foot's mechanical movements, bio-mechanically engineered for proper anatomical alignment, bone and joint stacking system for performance enhancing, strengthening, joint pressure relief




Tri Foam Deep Heel Seat System: Deep heel-seat constructed with a three-foam layer system that provides ultimate absorption, protects the heel against shock impacts and heel bruising, offers proper rebound for explosive quickness, faster reaction time, balance, and stability.




Doctor and podiatrist recommended


USA Made






Impact absorbing technology


Anti-heel bruise


In specialty retail starting March 2012