Remembering Rusty White

Our dear friend here in SLC, Rusty White was killed in a carcrash late Tuesday night (1/16/06). He was on his way to Wolf Creek CO, to shoot with theMDP People Crew.

Rusty was a very friendly outgoing person. It was very rare to seehim without a smile on his face and happiness in his heart. Rusty has beenon top of the world these past months. He just purchased his first home andmany of his photos were being published. He opened the doors of his newhome to us all here in SLC who were without family for the holidays and healso raised a few hundred dollars this Christmas for poor families here inSLC. I can not remember a time that I did not have a fun with Rusty. Hehas been a dear friend to me and our crew and I can not stress enough theamount that he will be missed. It was been a wonderful experience to know aextraordinary person like Rusty. Please check out some of his photos on hisweb site, I love you man and hope you are enjoyingeternal happiness.—Justin L’Heureu