2014 marks the first ever TransWorld Snowboarding TransAM Summer Series tour stop that will be taking place at High Cascade Snowboard Camp at Timberline, Mt Hood, OR on Wednesday July 30.  After a four month hiatus following the epic ten stop winter portion of the North American tour, competitors can leave their winter coats at home and lather up in SPF 30 for some summer riding on the infamous custom TransAM mini park.

The TransWorld Snowboarding TransAM is a unique jam format contest that touches down at some of the most progressive resorts in the world as it leans heavily on the creative skills of each resort park crew. Tour sponsors are given the opportunity to submit a feature concept that resort park crews customize into their TransAM mini park build. The end result is that you have features not only representative of tour sponsors but also representative of each resort’s creativity and personality.

The 2014 TransAM tour would not be possible without the continued involvement, support, and commitment of our sponsors: High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Zumiez, Ride Snowboards, Anon Optics, Analog, Giro Helmets, and Muscle Milk.

You can register at www.twsnow.com/transam or at www.active.com/timberline-lodge-or/transworld-snowboarding-transam-hcsc-timberline-mt-hood-or-2014

 For more information and full photo & video recaps of the 2014 TransAM tour series stops, visit www.twsnow.com/transam.


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