MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA (Feb. 5, 2017) – The American snowboarders turned in a stellar performance at the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle event on Sunday, sweeping both men's and women's podiums. Up-and-comer Red Gerard (Silverthorne, CO) topped the field to take the win for the men, while Jamie Anderson (South Lake Tahoe, CA) continued her global domination with a win for the ladies. Kyle Mack (West Bloomfield, MI) and Hailey Langland (San Clemente, CA) each took second while Dylan Thomas (Kingsley, PA) and Julia Marino (Westport, CT) were third.

It was Gerard's first major victory, but he has been warming up to the top spot all season with a third-place finish at the Kreischberg World Cup and fourth-place finish at the LAAX Open in January. The 16-year-old Coloradan battled the competition as well as the weather to take the top spot. "It turned out to be fine," he said after his first run. "Just trust your landing and trust your skills and you're good to go."

Anderson is more than familiar with the top of the podium, including winning the inaugural Olympic snowboard slopestyle gold medal at Sochi in 2014. It was her third major win for the season after taking the big air win at the Copper Mountain Toyota U.S. Grand Prix and the Dew Tour championship in December.

Sunday's slopestyle was the first Olympic qualifying event for the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018.


Red Gerard won for the men. His first run scored 87.95: 270 to frontside boardslide, crippler stalefish, boardslide, air to fakie, Cab boardslide, backflip, frontside 900, switch backside 1260 tailgrab, frontside 1080 indy.

Jamie Anderson won for the women. Her second run scored 80.25: frontside 180 switch 50-50 to 180 off, boardslide 270 out, handplant, transfer over rail, backside air, frontside 540, Cab underflip, backside rodeo 540.

Kyle Mack was second for the men. His first run scored 77.05: switch backside lipslide to pretzel, boardslide to switch bluntslide, 50-50 to 360 out, boardslide to pretzel out, frontside 540, switch backside 900, frontside 1080 tailgrab, backside 1080 melon.

Hailey Langland was second for the women. Her first run scored 77.40: boardslide, boardslide 270 off, transfer from quarterpipe, method, backside 540, switch backside 540, frontside 360.

Dylan Thomas was third for the men. His first run scored 83.25: switch backside 270, boardslide 270 out, half Cab to 50-50, 360, frontside 180 to switch 50-50, switch backside 900, frontside 1080 tailgrab, backside double cork 1080 nosegrab.

Julia Marino was third for the women. Her first run scored 71.85: switch boardslide, 50-50, tailgrab, indy, backside 270 mute, frontside 540 mute, Cab double underflip indy.


Red Gerard—First Place

It's definitely pretty flat light—when I was in the rail section I was like, 'this jump section is going to be gnarly, I'm terrified right now!' It turned out to be fine—just trust your landing and trust your skills and you're good to go.

Kyle Mack—Second Place

It felt great to land the first run. (The weather) is not too bad so the course is running pretty nice.

Dylan Thomas—Third Place

I'm so stoked—it's so sick to put down a first run, that's all that matters. I got a little injured in practice so I'm kind of nursing a calf injury but I'm so stoked to put that first one down. Thanks to U.S. Snowboarding for putting on this event—it's sick.

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