Redbull Nz Performance Camp

Time to throw it down

Under a star-filled sky groomers made the final touches to the step-up jump in preparation for the riders arrival in a few hours time. Day-break brought a cool crisp morning with a fresh Westerly breeze that ensured the jump was running fast and firm, the scene was set, time to throw down.

And throw down they did…. Double backside rodeo’s, frontside 9’s, backside 9’s, double cork 10’s, old school methods, front 10’s, flared backy’s, 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, 9’s. A dizzying display from some of snowboardings top athletes.

Every trick that had been developed on the neighboring bag jump was now transferred to the real deal, it was time for the previous two days riding, experimentation and progression to come to realization on the snow.

Scotty James (AUS) made his first attempt of a double backside rodeo 9, stomping it on his fourth try. “It was good, I haven’t done one before, it was pretty fun and the air bag definitely helped with the progression of doing new tricks. I was pumped and hopefully I can use it in The Burton NZ Open next week”

Jamie Nicholls (UK) stepped his game up big time, after warming up with backside 7’s he dipped straight into a double cork 1080 and threw down a couple in a row, no hands down. “The Camp has been really good so far, on the bag jump yesterday I tried a few new tricks. I’d never tried double backs before so that was good and the front double cork 9 and cab double cork 9, I just need to try them a couple more times on the bag and hopefully I’ll be able to try them on a jump soon”

Other riders started to up the ante, feeding off the vibe of the session. Marc 'The Swob’ Swoboda (AUT) was throwing stylish spins with huge pop, Spencer O’Brien (CAN), not afraid to be the only girl riding, stomped some smooth as butter backside 5’s. Seppe Smits’ (BEL) backside spins were sick while Greg Bretz (US) and Forrest Bailey (US) kicked it old-school with super laid out backflips.

As the session wound down, riders broke away for some fun runs through the park with Polish ripper Wojtek Pawlusiak leading an assault on the stair set handrail that left no prisoners.

A day of many first’s, another day of progression, a day to remember at Snowpark in New Zealand.

Marc Swoboda

Tell us you don't want this setup in your backyard. Marc Swoboda takes advantage of the Jones'.

Mark McMorris

Marky Mark McMorris. Please, please, please let that nickname get picked up. Claim.

Greg Bretz

Greg Bretz's life is pretty damned good. Kick them feet up, lay back and relax.

Redbull Nz Performance Camp

Soulful Seppe Smits Sells Spanish Seashells while Slowly Spinning Stylishly. Ten times fast. Go.

Jake Koia

Jake "The Destroya" Koia is still a great nickname. Kid should've been in MMA. Or not.