Red Bull Snow Warz Settled

Truckee CA, – (April 12th, 2008) - The University of Reno Nevada reigns supreme as the number one college on snow, as their ski and snowboard teams battled it out to take first and second place in Red Bull Snow Warz 2008.

48 teams from 33 schools fronted up at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort for the war to end all wars, (we hope).  In all, 233 competitors hit the hill and were scrutinized by judges, Zach Leach, Shawn Carney, Tim Windell and Pat Bridges.

Teams of 4- 6 riders combined of snowboarders and skiers took the slopestyle course not like freshman wanabee’s but like war torn veterans and threw down everything they had.

The top four scores from each team were taken into account then the top two teams from each heat advanced to the finals.  Strategy came into play when the teams were asked to select their top two riders to represent them in the final.  School pride now sat on the shoulders of just two.  Like final exam time the pressure was too tough for some, but others rose to the challenge and stomped nothing but straight A’s.  

With tricks like sweet 900’s it was team UNR AKA”Team Eat Waffles” made up of all skiers that had solid preliminary runs and sat on top of Montana State and Sierra Nevada College going into the finals.

In the finals it was the snowboarders that were putting it all together.  Team “Harvard United” from the University of Nevada Reno, wisely sent Brandon Cocard and Taylor Carlton onto the battlefield to represent them and they didn’t disappoint, launching their team into first place.  

Brandon also took individual honors for the snowboarders landing tricks like switch backside 720 nose grab and a front-side 720.  “I’m just so stoked on my team, those guys really came through for us, it was all a team effort,” said a very happy Cocard after the event.  “It was kind of a last minute thing to enter but the whole team was really into it and it all just came together.  

In second it was the skiers from UNR “Team Eat Waffles” rounding out a very successful day for their school.  The locals didn’t have it their way though, individual skiing honors went to Chris Collins from Montana State.

The battle has been won, congratulations to UNR they have bragging rights, until next year’s battle is forged and the title of best college on snow is up for grabs again.