Red Bull Playoffs: Quebec 10, Montreal 5

MONTREAL, PQ – APRIL 14, 2009 – It's the ultimate inter-city rivalry, where the only thing matching the talent is the passion. Quebec vs. Montreal; Nordiques vs. Habs; Pride vs. Pride.  Red Bull Playoffs celebrates all that, plus a serious dose of good times, by bringing together the elite riders from each city in a head-to-head battle. No hometown advantage though, as the teams representing Quebec City and Montreal met on neutral ground on April 10 in Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan to battle it out for the Playoffs Cup, an urban rail comp that borrows the well-known and revered format of three-period hockey game. Each “period" takes place in a different and neutral location, and features one of the province's fiercest rails, with riders going head-to-head in an effort to earn a point for their hometown team.

Festivities started with the resurrection of the famous “Perfect Rail” which has disappeared for almost a year. The team at Périgny brought this jewel back to life exclusively for the length of the event and talents of the riders. Zach Aller earned the first point of the day for Montreal with a frontside boardslide switch-up, but Team Quebec rallied hard to take the next four points. 1st Period:  Quebec 4, Montreal 1.

In the second period, the troops moved to Harbourfront Park where the riders of S3 had installed a kink in the narrow stairs of the port. Once again, Montreal took the first point courtesy of Max Verville, but hopes didn’t last with the next three points gained by the Fleur de Lys. Laurie Gauvin of Montreal came strong to keep hope alive for the Montreal squad. 2nd period: Quebec 7, Montreal 3.

After a substantial dinner at Carlito, everybody took off for Shawinigan for the ultimate challenge: the famous rail of Val-Mauricie with its intimidating blue concrete stairs. By the second fight, Jason Dubois put an end to the hopes of the blue-white-and-red by winning against Anthonin Chamberland. Not going gently into the night, the troops of Montreal fought until the end. FINAL SCORE: Quebec 10, Montreal 5.

Three Stars:
First Star: Jason Dubois, Quebec ($500)
Second Star: Zach Aller, Montreal ($300)
Third Star: Greg Desjardins, Quebec ($200)

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