Red Bull Heavy Metal Scheduled May 15

April 7, 2004 (Santa Monica, CA) -- The snowboarding season is winding downand there have been plenty of highlights: lots of snow in the back-country,a couple commando rail-sessions around town, even all the contests wentoff. So you’re contently thinking to yourself, “That was a nice season,wasn’t it, but it’s not over yet. The finale of the entire snowboardingseason is still to come.

On May 15, 2004, in Salt Lake City, UT, Red Bull Heavy Metal will finishits three-year reign as the premier snowboarding railslide event in thesport (a climax so dramatic, some might be inclined to liken it to the laststop of Iron Maiden’s 84/85 World Slavery tour). A hand-picked group ofthe world’s best rail riders -- standouts like Kyle Clancy, Scotty Arnold,Eddie Wall and Bjorn Leines -- will bring the movement of urban snowboardingto new heights at this spectacular ending. Like combining the precision ofspeed metal with the dramatic delivery of doom metal, the action will befast, raw and loud.

The action begins at 7 p.m. in front of the northwest corner of the DeltaCenter (home of the Utah Jazz). The event concept is simple: embracing a”jam format, the world’s best rail riders will session handrails for anhour and a half in front of thousands of rabid snowboarding fans. Thevenue will consist of two zones, each containing several rail optionsincorporating a variety of straight, kinked and curved rails. Athleteswill ride each zone for forty-five minutes and a winner will be declaredfor each. Atotal of $20,000 will be awarded, $10,000 per zone.

Before the time of Red Bull Heavy Metal, a void existed in the competitivearena of rail contests. Throwing one’s self on a snowboard down a metalhandrail perched above a flight of concrete stairs had no competitiveoutlet. This style of snowboarding was not included in the sanctionedcontests and standardized events at the time. Top athletes were demandingits inclusion. Red Bull Heavy Metal answered their call. This third andfinal year is bound to be the best yet.