Red Bull debuted its Double Pipe event last year at Aspen, Colorado and is bringing it back with from March 11–13 with an updated course that blends slopestyle and pipe elements. For most riders at the 2014 event, it was first time they had sessioned anything like the double pipe and the challenge of transferring the spine limited the tricks that could be done. This year, the new course has been designed based on rider requests for more rails, jumps, and a more laid-back transition angle on the spine that should allow riders to transfer more easily and get more tech on tricks.

"Last year we tried something brand new and the double pipe worked better than we hoped,” says Chris Gunnarson, President of Snow Park Technologies (SPT), who organizes the design and build of the course. “We learned so much from talking to the riders and crew and getting their feedback, so this year we can massively improve upon and progress the overall feature taking it even further, which is what the sport is all about.  The fact that Red Bull is doing something so different and breaking the mold from the norm is what gets me and my crew so excited about the event.”

Red Bull says that the upper jump zone will consist of a traditional gap jump as well as a second step-up jump so the riders don't enter the double pipe carrying too much speed. From there riders can choose to either drop into the right Superpipe, air over the center hip, or choose to ride all the way through the channel in the center spine to gain speed for hitting the left Superpipe. Once in the double pipe, a channel will be punched out of the upper spine section allowing riders to air over the gap with style, and just over halfway down the center spine, it will notch down from 22-foot tall to approximately17-foot tall allowing riders to more easily transition between the two Superpipes. SPT has also designated points along the center spine where the walls won't go completely vertical, and will rather have more of a "laid back transition" angle, becoming more trickable for the athletes. The final skate park-style fun zone will consist of a diamond-shaped feature providing riders with numerous options including big transfers, huge hip hits, and other fun, creative lines. Overall the riding should be more dynamic with the updates made to this year's course based on all the competitor's feedback.

Stay tuned for more preview coverage of Red Bull Double Pipe 2015 right here. The Double Pipe will air as part of the Red Bull Signature Series via livestream March 12 at 1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT on, and as a full-length broadcast March 14 at 1 p.m. ET on NBC (check local listings for west coast times