Red Bull Buttercup Results

In its sophomore year, the Red Bull Butter Cup came through Mountain Creek on Jan 30th. Riders in both the PRO and AM divisions were pretty stoked on the new jibs Red Bull cooked up. The features travel with the tour, but the Jib Lab topped off the course with a wooden hitching post and a slanted butter box.

AM Winners:
1st – Genci Mirzo
2nd – Bryan Watson
3rd – John Coladanati

PRO Winners:
1st – Tom Weiss
2nd – Billy Keil
3rd – Luke Henning


About the Red Bull Butter Cup
Red Bull Butter Cup is a contest series that showcases creativity in technical flatland trickery. Born in the northeast in 2009 and bred for the country in 2010, it’s all about going back to the basics of what made us all fall in love with shredding in the first place: FUN!