Red Bull Buttercup Hits Loon Mountain

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New York, NY – January 12, 2010 – This past Saturday, Red Bull teamed up with Loon Mountain in New Hampshire to put on this season’s first stop of Red Bull Butter Cup series. This year, Red Bull upped the ante across the board with bigger butter pads, a directional layout, loads of prize swag and a mini-quarterpipe bonus feature allowing each host mountain to add their own creative touch to the event. Loon rose to the challenge and threw in a wallride tombstone and hitching post to complete the course. Their park staff built a pristine set up that was as fun to watch as it was to ride. With warmer temperatures than expected and blue sunny skies, Saturday was a perfect day on the New Hampshire hill.

The Am division was up first and the talent level was high. Parker Szumowski was spreading it on thick, hitting each of the butter pads and floating clean airs on the quarterpipe like exclamation points to his runs. For his efforts, he took first place and a grip of gear, including a Forum snowboard, Nike 6.0 backpack and prizes from Oakley, Foursquare, Bern and Special Blend. Mary Rand, one of only three females in the competition, proved she could hang with the guys by throwing a smooth half cab 50-50 backside 180 out on the whale’s tail butter pad.

After the Ams had warmed up the course, the Pro division took to the drop in. Esteemed NH’ers, Matt Jagemann, Tyler Davis and Kevin Formalarie manned the judges’ station and were only interested in the most solid and buttery of tricks. Brendon Rego was going up and down the line of butter pads and pressing his board effortlessly and stacking tricks. Backside 270 tail press 270 out, backside 180 switch tail frontside 180 tails on the gap trap butter pad and frontside 180 tail press switch ups-Rego was killing it. Tanner McCarty was hitting everything in sight as well, putting down a halfcab nose press into a tail press 180 out on the battleship butter pad and finishing it with some quality nosepicks on the hitching post. Jeremy Montplaisir was locking into solid 270 on nose presses 270 off on the picnic table and impressing the judges, too.

At the end of the Pro super heat, the judges demanded a trick-off between Rego and Tanner to decide the winner. At the judges’ request, each rider had to butter the picnic table with a frontside 180 switch nose press, backside 180 out. While both riders landed the trick, Rego looked like he could do it in his sleep, thoroughly imPRESSing the judges and landing himself $400 bucks cash along with prizes from Oakley, Forum, Special Blend, Nike 6.0, Foursquare and Bern.


Am Division

1st – Parker Szumowski

2nd – Nate Carrol

3rd – Pete Feranti

Pro Division

1st – Brendon Rego

2nd – Tanner McCarty

3rd – Jeremy Montplaisir

MVP Award – Mary Rand

Thanks to Brian Norton, the LMP Crew, Loon Mountain and all of the sponsors: Oakley, Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare, Bern and Nike 6.0. See everyone at Mount Snow, Vermont for the next Red Bull Butter Cup stop on January 23rd!

Red Bull Butter Cup is a contest series that started on the East Coast but now has expanded throughout

the US in its second year. It’s about how much style snowboarders can spread onto the custom-made features also known as “butter pads.” Snowboarders will jib, bonk, tap and slide across the pads, making sure to lay it on with a lot of smooth buttering. Regional riders will battle it out in a jam format event, carving and spreading the snow like butter for cash and prizes. Overall style and creativity will help the cream rise to the top, so be ready to spread it on in this purely pasteurized competition!

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