Mt. Holly, MI - March 4, 2010 - Moving on through its season, the Red Bull Butter Cup series made it's only Michigan stop this weekend. Mt. Holly Ski Resort hosted the series stop in a big way by closing down terrain park to accommodate the custom-made butter pads. With riders traveling from Detroit, Grand Rapids and Toledo to compete, organizers had to cut off registration at 100 athletes.

Lots of competition and a warm, bluebird day set the stage for a showcase of flatland skills. After all was said and done however, three riders distinguished themselves from the pack. The top three athletes were all really close with Alex Martin and Tyler May coming in third and second place respectively however, it was Josh Nelson who utilized both side seats on the picnic table and stitching together a switch frontside 180 to Michael Jackson to backside 180 that put him in the number one placing.

Nelson wasn't exactly the local favorite, he traveled over 10 hours from the Michigan Upper Peninsula to make this series stop. In fact, this was the first part of his spring break trip to a cruise leaving from Miami. Nelson told us via email, "I got cleaned up and drove my truck to catch the cruise we booked, so as I type this I'm sitting on a sundeck tanning with my Butter Cup trophy on display!" The whole vibe of the weekend was best put by judge Wes Revers, "Riders came out from all over, defiantly saw a lot of kids from other ski resorts coming together, the riding these kids were throwing down blew us away!"

Thanks to Mt. Holly Ski Resort, Forum, Oakley, Foursquare, Nike 6.0 and Special Blend for another great event. The next Red Bull Butter Cup stop takes place March 6th at Holiday Valley, NY followed by a stop at Devils Head, WI on March 13th. To look for an upcoming stop near you, go to www.redbullbuttercup.com

The Red Bull Butter Cup contest series started on the East Coast but has now expanded throughout the U.S. in only its second year.  Red Bull Butter Cup is all about how much style snowboarders can spread onto the custom-made features also known as “butter pads.” Riders jib, bonk, tap and slide across the pads, making sure to lay it on thick with a lot of smooth buttering. Regional athletes battle it out in jam format sessions, carving and spreading the snow like butter for cash and prizes.  Overall style and creativity will help the cream rise to the top, so be ready to spread it on in this purely pasteurized competition!