Please join us for the 2nd annual Rare and Vintage Snowboard Gallery, tomorrow night! This year feature’s classics and rarities from brands
and pro’s who’ve played a significant part in northwest snowboarding culture and lore. Featured brands include Liberace Technologies, Gnu Slope Tools, Ride Snowboards, K2 Snowboarding, Capita Super Corporation, Burton Boards and a some long lost icons of shred history. You’ll see:

– An example of each of Craig Kelly’s promodels starting with the
first Mystery Air (rumored to be making a comeback…)
– Weird creations from Mervin’s mad scientists
– Kidwell, Cummins, Lamar, Ranquet and Palmer’s finest offerrings
– Unlikely Pro models, 1st runs, and One-off’s from the Capita Closet
– Boards of “questionable Legality” from Ride’s archives
… along with other gems you wish you still had!

The gallery will be held in conjunction with Evo’s 10th anniversary celebration. The event is Friday October 21st at the Fremont Collective in Seattle. 6-10PM. For more information on the 10 year anniversary follow the link below.