Rami Hanafi's exhibition tells a different story of snowboarding

Helsinki-based Laboratory Gallery’s next photography exhibition provides a rider’s view into the world of snowboarding. Rami Hanafi’s "Another Story" introduces viewers to stunning snowboarding shots but also allows them a peek behind the scenes. In his works, Hanafi manages to capture the spirit of youth, freedom and living in the moment.

For years now, award-winning photographer Rami Hanafi has been travelling the world from one mountain to another, documenting the lives of snowboarders as they live their dream 24/7. The works in the upcoming exhibition, shot on world snowboard tours in places like Alaska, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and California, feature internationally renowned riders Antti Autti, Scotty Lago, Mike Basich and Miikka Hast, among others.

Hanafi’s photographs take viewers from one opposite to another: from the silence of the mountains to karaoke bars, from the wild joy of winning to the disappointment of defeat. For Hanafi himself, the photographs are like personal notes or documents of times spent on the road.

"The snowboarders allowed me to see sides of themselves that only few people get to see," says Hanafi. "I got to photograph them as they are. This is a selection of shots that say something about this culture and the people – and of shots where I felt very much part of it all. And there’s snowboarding in there too, of course."

Professional snowboarders are driven by a passion that never dies. The thrill they felt as a child when experiencing new things and seeing new places is still there, many years and kilometres later. Most of the riders in the photographs are now international stars on the snowboard scene, while others have found in riding the freedom to hold on to the carefree days of their youth. The one thing they all have in common is the special sense of joy they only feel when out on the snow.

Hanafi himself began snowboarding in the early 1990s, a few years before taking up photography. He first started to attract international attention as a snowboard photographer about a decade later when working together with Antti Autti.

"Another Story" is the third solo exhibition of Rami Hanafi’s snowboarding photography, the two previous ones having been held at the Kotka Photographic Centre in 2009 and the VB Photographic Centre in 2012. Hanafi is currently working on a book based on these exhibitions.

"Another Story" is part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme.


Rami Hanafi (born 1979) is a professional photographer specialising in snowboarding, editorial and commercial photography. Based in Tampere, Finland, he has studied photojournalism at the University of Tampere, Danish School of Journalism, as well as the International Center of Photography in New York. His work has been featured in numerous esteemed international exhibitions, photography competitions and books, and he has also been awarded such acknowledgements as "Young Press Photographer of the Year 2006" by the Finnish Press Photographers Association, as well as first prize in the Multimedia category of the New York Photo Awards 2012. Hanafi has contributed on a regular basis to some of the world’s most prestigious snowboarding magazines, including Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder, Onboard and ESPN, and has shot ad campaigns for a number of snowboarding companies, such as Flow, Billabong and Dakine.
Rami Hanafi’s commercial work is represented by Viewmasters of Helsinki Oy.


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