Rake Gallery Opens December 1st

If you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, get to Portland this Thursday night when the Rake Art Gallery opens its doors for the first time.

One of our favorite snowboarders, Corey Smith, has gotten together with a group of talented Portland artists to create a new gallery space in the heart of Portland where emerging artists can show. “Rake is embodiment of the dissolute man of fashion—dissolving the fashionable art world and making it our own.

The opening show of the Rake Gallery features new paintings from Corey Smith, post-hope pop artist, 3 brand new pieces from Kristen Willie, and large-scale instillation by Grace Luebke, as well as art from Jeremy Tucker, Ryan Lydon, Jodi White and Noel Nelson, among others. The show includes live music, good times, and promises to be an entertaining and stimulating affair.

Located in the Everett Station Lofts, find the Rake Gallery at:

325 NW 6th Ave, Portland OR.

Opening night hours: 7 to 11pm

For more info, visit www.rakeart.org or www.coreysmithart.com.