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Mark Radefeld and Beth Fletcher took the National Boardercross titles at Waterville Valley’s USASA Nationals on March 31, 2000. Despite a treacherous course, the two were able to finish sans injuries first in their heat, crossing the finish line at approximately 5:30.

In order to prevent the event from running for an extra three days, the USASA decided to hold both the Slalom and Boardercross on Friday. This seems extremely convenient, until you take into account the fact that the Boardercross wasn’t able to commence until 2:00. Even then, it was USASA time, so it was about 3:30 when things actually got rolling. This would be the reason that everyone outlasted the sun in order to watch the finals of the race.

Note I said sun. That’s right, for the first time all week, it was sunny for the competition. This, along with warmer temperatures, and almost winter-like snow conditions made sticking around for the late start time bearable. What wasn’t so great about the day, however, was the course. The location was less than desirably, a relatively narrow trail which dropped strait down the fall line.

This made for a steep course, with little opportunity to regain control if you lost it. As a result of this, there was plenty of boardercross carnage. The number of consecutive heats in which someone got taken out on the last obstacle is too big to count on two hands. Pretty much anyone who hit the bottom section at full speed was going down. There were plenty of finishes in which the winner was sliding on something other than their board across the line, whether it be their head, back or butt. The course was so difficult to ride, that falling wasn’t really in issue. Many of the heat leaders took a spill or two, still finishing in contention for the next round.

In women’s final heat, the race belong entirely to Beth Fletcher. She had been dominating the contest all day, and actually finished fourth in the Slalom earlier on. Close behind her was USSA National Boardercross Champion Kelly Clarke. The third and fourth place finishers were even closer together though. Even Melanie McDaniel and Allison Daniels themselves weren’t sure who was first, but it turned out Melanie had finished milliseconds sooner.

The men’s race was a bit closer, in fact, it’s a surprise they didn’t kill each other on the way down. With full Ohio pride, Mark Radefeld was the clear winner, beating out even those far too serious about the contest. In second was Eric Cheney, who wanted to make sure everyone knew he was from Maine. Third place was also the day’s Slalom champion Eric Warren, and finishing out the race, and the day was Ben Jones.

1 Mark Radefeld
2 Eric Cheney
3 Eric Warren
4 Ben Jones
5 Mike Rosengren
6 Nate Sheehan
7 Ryan Phipps (you rule!)
8 Danny KASS
9 Tim Alexander
9 Peter KOCHER
9 Josh Niernberg
9 Phil White
13 Scott Bussiere
13 Steve Cramton
13 Dustin SINGLER
17 Jason Dyer
17 Nathan Latimer
17 Brian Pribyl
17 Brad STRINE
17 Jordan wells
22 Kevin Colvard
22 Mort Nyberg

1. Beth Fletcher
2. Kelly Clarke
3. Melanie McDaniel
4. Allison Daniels
5 Charity Haskin
6 Stacey LOPEZ
8 Karla Gembarowski
9 Stacy Hallmeyer
9 Elan Price
12 Sarah Thompson