Rad Air Goes Long

“Bigger boards means riding faster in powder, faster on the slopes and better riding for bigger people,” says Rad Air’s founder Paul Gruber. “Older people can’t spin anymore so they want to go faster.”

That’s why Rad Air has introduced the five-board Tanker Series in lengths that fit real snowboarding people. The boards come in lengths of 162, 172, 182, 192 and a board Gruber calls the “two meter” or 200 cm board.

Long boards aren’t anything new. Mervin Manufacturing has been pushing the 210 cm Doughboy Shredder for years, however, nearly everyone (aside from Mike Olson and Peter Saari) treated the board as a novelty item. Those days may be over as more snowboarders recognize the benefits of riding longer boards. “Long boards are much more stable,” Gunz says. “And most riders are into speed and speed requires a longer board.”

“Two to three years ago everything was about being light and people automatically thought that long boards were heavier therefore no good,” Gunz explains. “With current board technology that is no longer a problem. Now we can make a light long board that turns like a short board.”

Gunz believes the industry has been pushing toward shorter boards because they are easier to sell. “You have to tell people they can actually ride a longer board because their first question is always Can I ride this?” Gunz says. “We need to educate the customer to understand that long does not mean heavy or difficult to turn.”

Those customers are becoming more interested, however. “The number of people who are stopping by our booth shows there is a market segment that really wants a longer board,” Gunz says. “And what is a full sized person going to do on a 150 anyway.”

To check out Rad Air’s Tanker long board line visit them in booth #3146.