Quiksilver Natural Selection

Huntington Beach, CA (November 28, 2007) -- Quiksilver, the leading brand in boardriding,today announced that the inaugural “Quiksilver Natural Selection: All-Mountain FreestyleInvitational at Jackson Hole snowboarding event will be held from January 30 to February 5,2008 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.This innovative event is the brainchild of Quiksilver athlete and one of today’s most versatile andaccomplished snowboarders, Travis Rice, who envisioned a competition that removes theconstructs of snow parks and half-pipes, and instead uses a natural-terrain course to bring outthe best in riders’ style and technique.Travis, who is also an avid filmmaker, has posted a personal video announcement about the event onQuiksilver’s website: www.quiksilver.com/naturalselectionTo ensure fresh, untracked snow, the event extends over a seven-day “holding period beginningon January 30, with the two days of actual competition to be determined by natural forces. Theidea is to hold out for the best possible powder conditions so riders can carve fresh tracks.”We’ll leave the course design to Mother Nature and let riders express themselves in anunpredictable measure of true, raw talent, said Travis. “To succeed here, riders must embracethe mountain on its own terms and get after it with respect, grace, artistry and fun. This is thereturn to the soul and roots of riding.According to Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight, the event’s goal is more than to simply showcaseriding.

“This competition is about stripping away anything unnecessary, and exploring the basic,instinctual and powerful balance between mountain and rider, said McKnight. “Travis and theriders hope the Natural Selection will emphasize this aspect of the sport and return an organic,soulful approach to competition.17 Riders – Seven Days – One MountainWhile the event will feature an exclusive field of 17 riders handpicked by Travis coming togetherto test their skill in an all-natural setting, it’s also an opportunity for the leaders of snowboardingculture to congregate in the name of fun.”The event is less about ‘winning’ and more about the world’s best riders pushing each another ina setting that requires each to be at the absolute top of their game, said Travis. “But this is alsoa chance to stop in the middle of the competition season, get together and have fun. Plain andsimple -- just like we all used to do before turning pro.

Details of The Quiksilver Natural Selection

– Features an exclusive field of 17 riders handpicked by Travis Rice, one of the most respectedtop-tier competitors in the world and winner of multiple X-Games medals

– The week-long event places equal importance on the community aspect of the gathering ofriders at one of the nation’s most storied mountains

– Big mountain invitational with Freestyle and Slopestyle elements

– Seven-day “holding period to ensure fresh powder, snow quality and conditions

– Two full days of competition in two areas: Dick’s Ditch and Casper Bowl

– $75,000 in prize money with creative contest bonuses and payouts

– The event will be aired on a special webcast on Quiksilver.com

List of Event Riders

Travis Rice
Danny Kass
Gigi Ruf
John Jackson
Bryan Iguchi
Nicolas Müller
Kyle Clancy
Roman De Marchi
Hampus Mosesson
Mark Carter
Devun Walsh
Mark Landvik
Bjorn Leines
Andreas Wiig
Sammy Lubke
David Benedek

The Quiksilver Natural Selection is made possible by a network of partners: Jackson HoleMountain Resort, SoBe, and Hotel Terra