Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W Set For France


Round 8 – the big final will take place April the 4th in La Plagne during the `Quiksilver Chromatophobia´ event.

Best four riders are invited to battle for 5.000,- USD prizemoney + coverage and interviews in all 50 of our mediapartners worldwide.

Welcome to Round 8 and the final of the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W. The four finalists will now travel to La Plagne, France where Quiksilver Pro Freddy Austbo will set up the final Trick at the La Plagne Park on 4th of April. Also all finalists receive a wildcard for Quiksilver´s Invitational “Chromatophobia”. The tricks of the competitors are online for voting from 6th to the 12th of April and you can vote and decide who will become the first Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W

Winner of the seventh round: Benno Postert

Ranking for the final in La Plagne:
1. Benno Postert | 23 | 27.98 Punkte
2. Saku Tillikainen | 18 | 25.47 Punkte
3. Martin Kalliola | 18 | 25.37 Punkte
4. Niko Lansio | 17 | 24.07 Punkte

This winter is going to be one giant worldwide session!
Every 14 days one of your favorite Pros will present a trick you have to imitate within two weeks and on a similar obstacle. Once you have sticked and filmed the trick you have to upload it as video file to the King of S.N.O.W platform. Needless to say that you should try to copy the trick with as much style as possible in order to get as many judging points as possible in the worldwide ranking. Because in every single round – that means every 14 days – the most gnarly and styled trick will be rewarded with a massive stuff package.

We will make you rich and famous!
The top four snowboarders that have earned the most judging points after Round 7 will be invited by Mathieu Crépel to their invitational-only event in La Plagne, France – called "Chromatophobia". Quiksilver will assume just everything – flight, accommodation and catering – no matter from where on this planet you have to travel.
Mathieu will present the final trick in the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W snowpark the four finalists have to copy. A camera team will capture every single trick and finally upload it to www.king-of-snow.com. Afterwards the tricks will be judged one more week for the very last time. The one with the highest score may be pleased about 5.000,- USD cash and worldwide.

Coverage at all our media partners. (Check out our worldwide Mediapartners at www.king-of-snow.com)
As a special goodie the four lucky finalists will get a wildcard to compete with Mathieu and many other topguns at the Chromatophobia.