Cue the feelings of FOMO. While we've had a rather slow start to the season in many parts of North America, Japan is enjoying bountiful snow, and epic conditions.

The Hokkaido Backcountry Club, which aims to provide mountain recreation while advocating for expanded backcountry access and safety in Japan, posted a video of it absolutely nuking in Hokkaido, Japan.

The post for the video which you can see above said: "They said on the news last night that Japan is going to experience a heavy snow cold La Niña winter. Conditions so far? "All time" does not do it justice.

With that much snow stacked up, it's high time to start looking into booking tickets and locking down your travel plans to the land of the rising sun.

With over 300 cm falling in the past 30 days and perfect snow, It's almost gettin biblical. #ullr #prayforjapan #thinkdeep #longday

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