Pro and Sponsor List Revealed for Pat Milbery’s Signature Park-Feature Design Sessions at Windells

MT HOOD, OR – June 1, 2009 – The list is out and full of big names. The brand new Pat Milbery Signature Park-Feature Design Sessions is bringing in pros and sponsors to design and build their very own snow features that campers at Windells will get to ride. The session starts June 6th with Nick Visconti headlining the first session.

Other pros include the ROME team of Bjorn Leines, LNP, Marius Otterstad and Eiki Helgason, OMATIC'S Chanelle Sladic, the Salomon/Bonfire/Skeleton Crew of Nick Dirks, Harrison Gordon, Jarad Hadi, Tyler Verigin and Alex Sherman, and many more.

Milbery and Windells invited pros and sponsors to the mountain to design and build the unique snow features. "It's new this year and never been done before," says Milbery, "It's a totally unique concept, essentially it's a pro designed feature that's just for the kids. It's awesome to think some kid can come out and ride a feature that his favorite pro designed."

The full list of pros, sponsors and dates for each session:

Session 1 (June 6 to June 13) Nick Visconti.

Session 2 (June 16 to June 23) NIKE 6.0, Trevor Jacobs, Ross Baker, Broc Waring, Dylan Bidez, Mark Reining.

Session 3 (June 26 to July 3) ROME TEAM, Bjorn Leines, LNP, Marius Otterstad, Eiki Helgason, OMATIC's Chanelle Sladic.

Session 4 (July 6 to July 13) ARBOR TEAM/ SO…GNAR /GRINDTV.COM, Joe Bosler, Moss Halladay, SKULLCANDY TEAM, Zach Hale, Drew Fuller.

Session 5 (July 16 to July 23) SKELETON CREW, Nick Dirks, Harrison Gordon, Jarad Hadi, Tyler Verigin, Alex Sherman.

Session 6 (July 26 to August 2) FLOW TEAM, Tim Humphreys, Brandon Reis, Jeremy Thompson, Kade Madson.

Session 7 (August 5 to August 11) DWD/THINK THANK, Sean Genovese.

Campers can stay overnight or just attend the week-long camps daily. The camp includes instruction, food, prizes, supervision, video review, camp activities and more. To register go to

Founded in 1988 by nine-time National Champion and two-time Vice World Champion snowboarder Tim Windell, Windells has been a world leader in action sports for the past two decades. The camp's goal is to not only improve kids' skills on the slopes and on the street, but also create a fun and safe place for kids to creatively express themselves through sport. From building permanent half-pipes, cheese-wedge jumps to creating new moves and fighting scoring regulations in competitions, Windells has been a pioneer in action sports. Windells is also the world's only privately owned campus and features a permanent, year-round half-pipe and ski run. The Windells campus also has BMX dirt bike paths, an indoor skate park with a foam pit, and on-site housing for campers. For those who have been there, Windells is known as the "funnest place on earth."