Price And Van Ert Win Goodwill Games Super G

LAKE PLACID, NY (Feb. 19) – The U.S. made a strong showing Saturday inSuper G at the Goodwill Gamesas the women swept the podium, led by 1997 GS World Champion Sondra VanErt (Ketchum, ID). Ian Price(Manchester Center, VT) took the victory in the men’s competition on theWorld Cup SG course at WhitefaceMountain.

Van Ert, a member of the U.S. Snowboard Team, was solid all the way downthe course and won with a timeof 1:49.19, more than four seconds ahead of Rosey Fletcher (Girdwood,AK), who placed second with a timeof 1:53.75. U.S. Team racer Stacia Hookum (Edwards, CO) was third in 1:54.00.

Price also went all out and teetered on the edge of control, but heldit together to take the win with a 1:42.40.Austrian Alexander Maier was second in 1:43.08 and American Chris Klug(Aspen, CO) came in third,posting a 1:43.55. U.S. Team rider Jeff Archibald (Salt Lake City) andAmerican Peter Thorndike (Meredith,NH) did not finish the race.

The two winners were no strangers to the top step on the SG podium aseach was victorious in a DecemberChevy S-10 U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix SG at Mammoth Mountain, California.

The course crews at Whiteface did an outstanding job buffing out the courseafter several inches of new snowdropped on it Friday night. It featured a fast top section with some realtight turns and a slower, flatter bottomsection. A good wax job was definitely crucial today, especially on thelower sections.

“The snow conditions were challenging,” said Van Ert. “With the new snow,there were some piles built upand there were some pretty good ripples trying to knock you off your feet.”

A former downhill ski racer, Van Ert felt at home bombing the flattersections.

“There were some steep turns, alot of flat-a little bit of everything,”said Van Ert.

Hookum, who placed third at the Mammoth SG, came out of the start gatefirst and her time held up untilFletcher dropped into the course 12th.

“What more could you ask for,” said Hookum. “The Goodwill Games are goinggood for the Americans.”

“This is the best season I’ve had in a long time,” said Fletcher. “Ourteam is getting along great and the wholestaff is working really hard to make sure all of us are doing the bestwe can.”

The men’s race featured 24 riders including Maier, who is the brotherof Hermann Maier, the superstarAustrian speed skier.

Klug, who recently won a Grand Prix GS at Breckenridge, Colorado, spokehighly of the course.

“It was a great course, a really good set,” said Klug. “Certainly thesnow we’ve gotten in the last couple ofdays made the conditions challenging. I made a total rookie mistake inthe top section, which is frustrating forme, and that kind of threw me off right off the bat.”

The snowboard portion of the inaugural Winter Goodwill Games wraps upSunday with snowboardcross atWhiteface.

1. Ian Price, United States, 1:42.40.
2. Alexander Maier, Austria, 1:43.08.
3. Christopher Klug, United States, 1:43.55.
4. Harald Walder, Austria, 1:43.98.
5. Darren Chalmers, Canada, 1:45.50.
6. Maxence Ideshiem, France, 1:46.10.
7. Daniel Biveson, Sweden, 1:46.37.
8. Mark Fawcett, Canada, 1:47.06.
9. Jonas Aspman, Sweden, 1:47.23.
10. Georg Rabanser, Italy, 1:47.50.
11. Joel Gariepy, Canada, 1:48.03.
12. Mathieu Morency, Canada, 1:48.13.
13. Lukas Gruener, Austria, 1:48.17.
14. Mathieu Chiquet, France, 1:48.54.
15. Karl Frenademez, Italy, 1:48.57.
16. Guillaume Sachot, France, 1:49.48.
17. Xavier Rolland, France, 1:50.04.
18. Klaus Sammer, Austria, 1:50.61.
19. Johan Elvendahl, Sweden, 1:55.85.
20. Filip Fischer, Sweden, 1:56.17.
DNF _ Federico Gatto, Italy; Ascan Barone Pitschneider, Italy; Peter Thorndike, United States; Jeff Archibald, United States.

1. Sondra Van Ert, United States, 1:49.19.
2. Rosey Fletcher, United States, 1:53.75.
3. Stacia Hookom, United States, 1:54.00.
4. Dagmar Mair U.D. Eggen, Italy, 1:54.52.
5. Nathalie Desmaares, France, 1:55.61.
6. Isabel Zedblacher, Austria, 1:55.90.
7. Lidia Trettel, Italy, 1:56.88.
8. Alexa Loo, Canada, 1:58.72.
9. Birgit Herbert, Austria, 1:59.62.
10. Ivana Trudel, Canada, 2:01.59.
11. Helene Cloutier, Canada, 2:03.37.
12. Melissa Barclay, Canada, 2:04.54.
13. Maria Kirchgasser, Austria, 2:06.17.
14. Heidi Krings, Austria, 2:06.99.
15. Evelyn Maier, Austria, 2:08.36.
16. Paule Bertrand, Canada, 2:08.41.
17. Aprilla Haeggloef, Sweden, 2:15.59.
18. Michaela Steiner, Italy, 2:24.56.
DNF _ Doris Guenther, Austria. DNS _ Sandra Naemd, Sweden.