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3D Snake Transition Creator Contract Snowboards Unleashes Revolutionary Boards In The U.S.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (May 25, 2011) – Contract Snowboards has announced its state-of-the-art boards will be let loose in the US in time for the next winter season!  The European manufacturer, known for its patent pending 3D Snake Transition technology, is leveraging its initial accolades to bring the unique boards to riders in the United States.  Boarders of all levels can attack the mountain armed with a freestyle, all mountain, or powder specific snowboard from the Contract lineup.

Contract Marketing Director Maciek Waclawczyk stated, “We have experienced rapid acceptance in the European market of our distinctive 3D Snake Transition technology.  The design allows us to separate board Flex (longitudinal flex) from Torsional Rigidity (cross flex) and manage both of them separately.  This translates to a torsionally stiffer board (15%), with an increased flex (35%), providing the rider with better grip, more pop, and more fun.  We are excited to share the Contract riding experience with boarders in the US.”

Contract Team Rider Thibaut Pom Pomarat, Photo:

Contract Team Rider Thibaut Pom Pomarat, Photo:

Contract Snowboards USA is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, a central location for Rocky Mountain and Sierra Nevada resorts, as well as a fast, convenient shipping point to other regions.  Dealers are quickly signing on to carry the revolutionary boards and participate in an exclusive demo program that will allow customers to try before they buy.  Public sales will also be offered through in the event a local dealer is not available.

US Sales Manager, Mike Von Lunen, revealed “Contract boards truly offer incredible performance, the patent pending technology executes flawlessly on the mountains and in the parks.” Contract will attend the Winter Outdoor Retailer show and SIA in January 2012, as well as the respective on-snow demos.  Dealers interested in carrying the brand or to learn more about the lineup should contact Mike at

About Contract Snowboards: Based in Beilsko-Biala, Poland, Contract Snowboards is an independent snowboarding company, Born in the mountains, Powered by passion and cutting-edge technology, Tested by the world’s best riders.  We are not just another snowboard company created by white-collar directors to cream their pockets.  We don’t even have a board of directors.  We Love the smell of winter and the fresh mountain breeze, not the smell of money.  Our gear is produced in Poland, by qualified and experienced craftsmen, a piece of their souls comes free with every board.  For more information on 3D Snake Transition technology, visit