September 14, 2001 – Portland, Oregon – Premier, the original and authenticmanufacturer of quality snowskates, has proudly announced thatworld-renowned snowboarder Todd Richards has been added to the Premiersnowskate team. Todd’s tremendous abilities on the snow will furtherbolster an already impressive Premier team. In addition to contributing tothe growth of the sport, Todd will be instrumental in his input on thecreative and design element of Premier’s line of snowskates. “I’ve known Todd for a long time and have respected him as both asnowboarder and as a skateboarder,” says Premier Founder Andy Wolf. “I amthrilled to have him on the Premier team and know that his talent willundoubtedly take the sport to another level.”

Todd joins a line up of the most dominant team in snowskating today, whichincludes team riders Nicolas Droz, J.P. Walker, Blaise Rosenthal, SebastianRaban, Mitch Nelson, Jason Borgstede, Rio Tahara, Devun Walsh, and NateBozung. Todd and the rest of the Premier team will travel to local resortsthroughout the year as well as the Mt. Hood Meadows demo, the Winter X-Gamesdemo, and will be featured in the Premier promo video scheduled for releaseat the end of August 2001. All this and more can be found on the website

“The whole snowskate thing blends with both of my worlds, snowboarding andskateboarding,” says Richards. “It’s just as challenging as skateboardingbecause your feet aren’t attached to the board. And because of the way theyollie, the Premier snowskates are more like a skateboard and less like asnowboard than some of the other snowskates out there. I went with Premierbecause they’re the original, all my friends are on the team, and they’rethe most fun of all the snowskates I’ve tried.” Richards adds, “Andy Wolf’sbeen a skateboarder and pro snowboarder forever so he definitely knows wherethe direction of snowskating should be going.”

Premier, the original snowskate manufacturer, launched in 1998. Asnowskate, a board that is slightly wider and longer than a skateboard, ismade of plastic with a channeled base for stability and tracking and a foamtopsheet for grip. Snowskates combines the design, physics and feeling ofskateboarding and snowboarding and are for use on snow-covered sled hillsand golf courses, snowskate parks, or even right in the backyard. PremierSnowskates are currently available in specialty snow/skate shops worldwideand in select mail-order catalogs. Consumers can call 1-800-305-4138 or logon to to find a dealer near them. For Premierstickers and a promo video, send $3.00 to: Premier Snowskates, 8338 NEAlderwood Road Suite 200, Portland, Oregon, 97220.