In a move counterproductive to the sport of snowboarding, the USSA and FIS refuse to negotiate with the IJC over judging contracts and formats for the Grand Prix. In reaping huge financial rewards with the FIS and the corporate sponsors of the Grand Prix’s the USSA is in no way concerned with offering fair pay to the judges and to update freestyle snowboarding formats (four years old and outdated) at the expense of riders and judges.

In addition the USSA and the FIS have begun to train unqualified and unsanctioned personnel (some who are sponsored riders) to replace qualified IJC judges as the USSA has become desperate to force the IJC into capitulation. By bringing in the only FIS judge trainer (all the rest have left the FIS in disgust), the USSA and their FIS counterpart have refused to negotiate with the IJC over the Grand Prix and FIS World Cup events as they have no interest for the recommendations of those who are experts in the field of snowboarding.

Showing the arrogance that has made the USSA and FIS legendary, these two organizations are not merely satisfied with finding their own judges but are actively trying to destroy the IJC as the USSA/FIS view the IJC as a threat to the continuation of their “B” level contests. This does not bode well as it is the riders who will suffer due to the lack of qualified judges and currently the USSA has no judging program and the FIS has only 4 judges from Sweden and two Europeans and are without any judges from North America.

The IJC recommends that riders be extremely wary of the Grand Prix’s and currently the IJC recommends that all riders boycott the Grand Prix until the USSA does the right thing and recognizes the IJC judges as the best recourse to be involved with the Grand Prix’s. In the meantime it is only the riders who will suffer due to the lack of honesty by the USSA/FIS